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Code Title
MSDS MSDS Exedy Grease
PCD How to measure Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD)
Tech Note 002 Holden V6 3.8 Ltr Solid Flywheel
Tech Note 004 Subaru 2.5 Ltr Forester, Liberty & Outback Replacement Flywheel Ring Gear
Tech Note 006 Jackaroo 4Jx1 Flywheel Setup Procedure
Tech Note 007 Assembling Honda S2000 Clutch Trust Bearing to Cover
Tech Note 011 VS Commodore Dual Mass Flywheel
Tech Note 012 Hints for 4WD owners
Tech Note 013 Nissan Release Bearings
Tech Note 015 General fitting instructions
Tech Note 016 Poor Clutch Release Holden Rodeo 2.8 Ltr Diesel Turbo
Tech Note 017 Ring Gear Re-use
Tech Note 018 Nissan 3.0 Ltr Turbo Patrol Holden 3.0 Ltr Turbo Jackaroo
Tech Note 019 Clutch Plate Orientation
Tech Note 020 Wire Spacer Ring - Installation assistance
Tech Note 020 (Issue 2) Wire Spacer Ring - Installation assistance
Tech Note 021 Daewoo Lanos, Leganza, Nubira, Cielo, Kalos & Espero Clutch Release Shaft
Tech Note 023 Standard Clutch Aligning Tools
Tech Note 024 Truck Tuff Clutch Aligning Tools
Tech Note 025 Agri Clutch Aligning Tools
Tech Note 026 Toyota Landcruiser fitted with a self adjusting Clutch Cover Assembly
Tech Note 027 European Heavy Truck - Pull Type Clutch - Release Bearing Fitting Guide
Tech Note 028 Vibration and the importance of Flywheel Dowels
Tech Note 029 Ford Ranger & Explorer Clutch Non Release
Tech Note 030 Intermediate Plate Centraliser
Tech Note 031 CSC2365 Installation Instruction Note
Tech Note 033 Nissan Navara/Pathfinder Removal & Refitting of Ring Gear
Tech Note 034 Holden Commodore V6 VS II - VE
Tech Note 035 Holden Commodore VT - VE V8 5.7L/6.0L
Tech Note 036 Holden Commodore VT-VZ V8 Including Utes
Tech Note 037 Toyota Landcruiser Prado 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Tech Note 038 GM Holden 3.6L V6 – CSC installation instructions
Tech Note 039 Holden Commodore V6 VS - VY
Tech Note 040 Mitsubishi Pajero NM - NP MBK-7909
Tech Note 041 Transportation Clips
Tech Note 043 Ford Ranger Mazda BT50 2.5L / 3.0L Turbo
Tech Note 044 Merc Benz Sprinter Sequentronic Trans
Tech Note 045 Concentric Slave Cylinder Installation
Tech Note 046 Wide Angle Damper Clutch Disc Installation
Tech Note 047 Single Mass Flywheel Conversions
Tech Note 048 Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW: Avoiding clutch pedal vibrations. From model year: 2003
Tech Note 049 Explaining the Hill Holder System
Tech Note 050 Ford XR8 FMK-7893SMFHD Clutch Kit
Tech Note 051 Correct Grease Application
Tech Note 052 Product Repairs Use of Refurbished Parts
Tech Note 053 Ring Gear Re-Use
Tech Note 054 Procedure to attach bearing to carrier
Tech Note 055 Nissan Navara Dual Mass Flywheel Installation
Tech Note 056 Lubrication: Toyota Release Fork
Tech Note 057 Nissan Patrol Flywheel Replacement
Tech Note 058 Mitsubishi 3.5 Ltr V6 Magna Plate Fouls on Flywheel
Tech Note 059 Fitment Instruction for CSC2382
Tech Note 060 Mercedes Single Mass Flywheel Vibration
Tech Note 061 Installation of Mercedes and Volvo Twin Clutch
Tech Note 062 MR2 Spyder Sequential Transmission Reset
Tech Note 063 Nissan Navara Crank Angle Sensor Damage
Tech Note 064 Clutch Plate Fitment 2.3ltr Petrol Ford Transit
Tech Note 065 Holden Alloytec V6 CSC Bleeding Procedure
Tech Note 066 Subaru Pull Type Clutch Shudder
Tech Note 067 Ford Ranger / Mazda BT-50 Flywheel Recess
Tech Note 068 Setting of Volvo Twin Plate Centralisers
Tech Note 069 Nissan / Renault Crank Bolt Shortening
Tech Note 070 Crankshaft Bolts & Torque Specifications
Tech Note 071 EXEDY SAC Tool Box
Tech Note 072 BMW Pressure Plate Installation
Tech Note 073 Citroen / Peugeot Pull Type Clutch Installation
Tech Note 074 Shipping spacer removal
Tech Note 075 Technical Information (Slave Cylinder) Holden / Isuzu
Tech Note 076 Hyundai Pull Type Clutch
Tech Note 077 Discontinued Ford Focus Concentric Slave Cylinder
Tech Note 078 Clutch Brakes for TTK Kits
Tech Note 079 Holden AH Astra 1.8L Flywheel Recess
Tech Note 080 Isuzu Truck Identification
Tech Note 081 BMW Release Bearing to Clutch Fork Installation
Tech Note 082 Fiat Pull Type Clutch Bearing Retainer Orientation
Tech Note 083 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Discontinued DMF
Tech Note 084 Hyundai Clutch Disc Correct Orientation
Tech Note 085 Ford Transit 2.4ltr Diesel Flywheel Recess
Tech Note 086 Subaru Flex Plate Flywheel
Tech Note 087 Holden / Isuzu Clutch Pull Type Fork Orientation
Tech Note 088 BMW Release Bearing to Clutch Fork Installation
Tech Note 089 Hyundai Clutch Fork to Release Bearing Orientation
Tech Note 090 Clutch Brakes for TTK Kits
Tech Note 091 Ford CSC Design & Bell Housing Clearance
Tech Note 092 7 Speed Volkswagen DSG Gearbox Removal
Tech Note 093 DMF Transport Fastener
Tech Note 094 Japanese Trucks with American Drivetrain
Tech Note 095 BMW Twin Plate Clutch Installation
Tech Note 096 Nissan Navara / Pathfinder Jumping Out of Gear
Tech Note 097 Ford Focus ST170 CSC
Tech Note 098 BMW Aluminium Gearbox Bolts
Tech Note 099 Ford Transit CSC
Tech Note 100 Ford Transit Flywheel Recess
Tech Note 101 Clutch Kit Release Bearing
Tech Note 102 Amarok Slow Pedal Return
Tech Note 103 215mm Mazda Rotary Clutch Cover Installation
Tech Note 104 GM Holden 3.6L V6 – Revised CSC Spacer Fitment
Tech Note 105 Holden Alloytec V6 Needle Roller Pilot Bearing
Tech Note 106 Jeep Locating Dowel Pin Removal
Tech Note 107 Holden Cruze Hydraulic Failure
Tech Note 108 Crank Bolt Torque Specifications
Tech Note 109 Correct DMF Crankshaft Dowel Positioning
Tech Note 110 Correct SAC Installation
Tech Note 111 Holden Cruze CSC Delivery Line Sleeve Fitment
Tech Note 112 Crankshaft Bolt Thread Sealant Required
Tech Note 113 Ford Ranger / Mazda BT-50 Clutch Damper
Tech Note 114 Flywheel Features Relating to Engine Timing
Tech Note 115 Compatible Replacement Parts
Tech Note 116 Valeo Dry Double Clutch Installation
Tech Note 117 UD Twin Clutch Disengagement
Tech Note 118 Clutch Disc Orientation
Tech Note 119 Renault Flywheel Installation
Tech Note 120 Spigot Bearing in Kit
Tech Note 121 Holden Colorado 2.8ltr Crank Bolt Torque
Tech Note 123 Renault Crank to Flywheel Bolt Torque
Tech Note 125 Navara Clutch Identification
Tech Note AG1 AGC3194 – 330mm Upgrade
Tech Note AG2 KBD009 Clutch Disc Options
Tech Note AG3 FD/FG20-25 Clutch Disc Options
Tech Note AG4 310mm Twin Plate Upgrade
Tech Note AG5 MJC505 / 506 Cover Assembly Options
Tech Note AG6 325mm Clutch Disc Options
Tech Note B Cover Assembly Interchange
Tech Note C Matched Kit
Tech Note D Not recommended to replace e Twin Clutch System
Tech Note E V6 and V8 Commodore ore Pivot Ball & Clutch Adjustments
Tech Note F VN Commodore fork Rattle
Tech Note G Ford Diaphragm Type Assembly as a Direct Interchange
Tech Note H GMJ/NISSAN Clutch Kit NSK-6336, NSK-6863, NSK-6921
Tech Note IAT1 Single 14 Stamped Angle Spring installation guide
Tech Note IAT2 Single 14 Stamped Angle Spring installation guide
Tech Note J Ford Twin Plate Clutch Assembly and Installation Procedure
Tech Note K Hold Down Bolt Removal
Tech Note L Nissan Patrol Erratic Pedal Feel (Pedal Graunch)
Tech Note M Toyota Optimum Clutch Release
Tech Note N Mitsubishi/Hyundai Pivot Ball/Fork Wear
Tech Note O Subaru Impreza, WRX, Liberty, Forester Clutch remove & replace
Tech Note P Isuzu Dowel Pins
Tech Note Q EXEDY Performance Clutches
Tech Note R VW Cover Assembly Spacers
Tech Note S Nissan Release Bearing Cup
Tech Note T Clutches to suit modified vehicles
Tech Note Truck 14 and 15.5 Twin Plate Cast Iron Plate Installation Guidelines
Tech Note U Flywheel Ring Gear re-use
Tech Note V High Torque Centre Clutch Plates
Tech Note W Hyundai Pull Type Clutch remove & replace
Tech Note X Disassembly and installation procedure
Tech Note Y Mitsubishi V6 Clutch remove & replace
Tech Note Z Nissan/GMHH 6 or 9 Bolts Assembly