Occasionally, EXEDY is in need of vehicles to try out new products before going to market. The parts are in the final development stage and we'll just need to make sure all goes as planned before being made available to our customer base.

We'll give you a free product and all we ask in return is for your feedback.

Fine print:

>> Clutch must be installed by a licenced mechanic in a professional automotive repair facility

>> Must follow factory service manual for installation procedures and fastener torque values

>> The vehicle's flywheel must be machined or replaced according to the factory service manual repair information if a replacement flywheel is not supplied with the clutch kit

>> The clutch kit will include pressure plate assembly, clutch disc assembly, pilot bearing/bushing, release bearing and flywheel if applicable

>> The prototype clutch kit will be covered under a warranty (12 month / 20,000 kms - whichever comes first) against manufactured defects and workmanship