Looking for a stronger clutch?

We are excited to announce the launch of the Safari EXTRA TUFF 4WD clutch range. Designed specifically for modified 4WDs, this new range signals the start of the next evolution in heavy duty clutches.

The 4WD market has exploded in Australia, and with more people than ever planning to vacation locally, the appetite for modifications has hit an all-time high. Building on the popularity of our proven Safari Tuff Clutch range, the Extra Tuff range pushes the boundaries of performance and technology.

As 4WD engine outputs increase and drivers are asking more from their vehicles, our new Safari EXTRA TUFF 4WD clutch range has been built specifically for vehicles with modified ECU’s and other performance modifications as well as vehicles that are used in the toughest conditions. They are also perfect for towing a heavy van or boat or in any situation where the transmission of increased torque through the drivetrain is required.

EXEDY Safari Extra Tuff

Tackling challenging tracks in your modified 4WD, trust EXEDY Safari Extra Tuff clutches to get you there.

  • Minimum 25% increase in clamp load.
  • Premium grade friction material.
  • Spheroidal graphite anti-burst pressure plate casting.
  • Anodised cover pressing to limit corrosion.
  • Additional drive straps (*)
  • Designed and assembled in EXEDY Australia with quality components from Japan.
  • (*) Applicable in most applications


EXTRA Tuff performance under your left foot.


The Safari EXTRA TUFF clutches deliver a minimum 25 percent increase in clamp load force when compared to the Safari Tuff range, making them an excellent choice for off-roaders who enjoy the challenge of pushing their 4WD to the limit off-road.


EXEDY Safari Extra Tuff


The right choice for serious 4WD’s when the going gets TUFF. With close to 50 Safari Extra Tuff kits in the range, including popular applications such as Toyota V8 Landcruiser, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrol, if you have a modified 4WD, Exedy has you covered.