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EXEDY Racing clutches are recognised worldwide as the premium performance clutch product. With involvement in top-level motorsports such as Formula 1, All Japan GT series and New Zealand V8 Touring Cars, EXEDY Racing Clutch products are used when real performance is required. That’s why EXEDY racing clutches use the highest quality components. They’re built tough to put the power down fast and keep you in the game longer. The EXEDY racing range is designed, engineered and manufactured specifically for high powered racing vehicles; there is an EXEDY Racing Clutch to suit your vehicle.


Single Sports Series



EXEDY as one of the world’s leading OEM clutch manufacturers has used this expertise and its comprehensive engineering test facilities to apply these advanced technologies into the EXEDY Racing range of performance clutches. The comprehensive Racing Range starts with the Single Sports Series:

    Sports Cover

  • Clamp loads higher than standard.
  • Spheroidal graphite casting for increased burst strength.
  • Additional drive straps to ensure pressure plate location in performance driving.

    Sports Organic Kit

  • Designed for track use.
  • Premium organic friction material for superior durability and engagement.
  • High rate damper springs to handle increased torque.

    Sports Ceramic Kit

  • 3 paddle disc for a positive grip and torque delivery.
  • Low gravity cerametallic materials providing reduced inertia for improved shift response.
  • Unique facing material design providing maximum heat dissipation.

    Race Ceramic Kit

  • Unique metal button configuration designed specifically for racing applications.
  • Thinner design for low inertia and therefore low shift effort.
  • Light weight components for racing performance.