Inspiring “Movement”, Creating Tomorrow.

Since its establishment in 1965, Aisin Group has grown to become a major leading supplier of automotive system around the world. Recently, as a result of a strategic management integration , Aisin Seiki and Aisin AW have merged to become “Aisin Corporation” on 1st April 2021 in order to adapt and lead in a world and industry that has seen extreme changes. We will act on our dreams and aspirations, demonstrate substantial solutions to environmental and social challenges focusing on the evolution of “movement” by way of electrification and clean power as the core, and contribute to bring freedom joy, and beauty to our future earth.


You can always trust AISIN quality.

Since its very beginning, Aisin has been built on a long-standing dedication to “quality first.” It’s a principle that defines the organization, from product development and assurance through customer satisfaction, the environment and a genuine sense of social responsibility and contribution.


Available in Australia through EXEDY.

AISIN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for Japanese, European and American vehicles, and now is bringing its range of quality products such as water pumps, free wheel hubs, clutch hydraulics, lubricants and many more to the Australian aftermarket. Premium quality products that customers all over the world demand are now available in Australia through EXEDY’s vast network of dealers and distributors.




With the range of Aisin replacement products expanding quickly, it’s worth having a quick look at various replacement parts for your ride. Check the EXEDY online catalogue at for up-to-date listings and application information.




Introducing a refreshed brand image.