Going bush or towing?

Exedy introduces the new EXEDY Safari Tuff range for Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50, Holden Colorado RG and Mitsubishi Triton.

Ford Ranger / Maza BT-50 Safari Tuff FMK-9041ST

Engineered for vehicles with modified ECU’s and other performance modifications, EXEDY introduces the new Ford Ranger / Mazda BT-50 Safari Tuff clutch kit FMK-9041ST, offering the improved durability and increased torque capacity the Safari Tuff clutches are renowned for.

Mazda BT-50.JPG
Ford Ranger / Mazda BT-50
3.2 litre, engine P5AT Diesel 147KW
2.2 litre, engine P4AT Diesel 110KW
Photo Credit: HK Photography Perth

Designed as a direct replacement for the original self-adjusting
clutch system in Ford Ranger / Mazda BT-50 models, the new FMK-9041 kit is an exciting new addition to the EXEDY range and is available from your nearest distributor.



Holden Colorado RG - Safari Tuff GMK-9005SMFST

Another exciting addition to the EXEDY Safari Tuff range to meet the demands of serious off-road driving is the new EXEDY GMK-9005SMFST. It is built as a direct replacement for the original dual mass flywheel system in the Holden Colorado. Including single mass flywheel, it’s been engineered to provide smooth engagement, optimum durability and enhanced clutch torque capacity. This new clutch kit is available now from your nearest EXEDY authorised distributor.



Mitsubishi Triton - Safari Tuff MBK-8971SMFST

Over the years, EXEDY has been well-known for responding quickly to market trends and emerging opportunities; that’s why the leading OEM manufacturer in the world for clutches has identified a requirement for more 4WD applications. The new EXEDY MBK-8971SMFST clutch kit is another inclusion to their extensive performance clutch line-up.

Mitsubishi Triton.JPG
Mitsubishi Triton
2.4 litres, engine 4N15 Diesel 133KW
Photo Credit: www.mitsubishi-motors.com.au

Manufactured as a direct replacement for the original dual mass flywheel system, and purposely designed for towing heavy loads such as caravans, trailers or boats, or any other situations where the transmission of increased torque through the drivetrain is required. The new EXEDY MBK-8971SMFST (including single mass flywheel) has been engineered to suit Mitsubishi Triton models with the 4N15 turbo diesel engine.



Market conditions and continuous changes in the industry will represent a permanent call to evolve. EXEDY will keep navigating those challenges by maintaining a strong focus on their core products and expanding their product line-up to service demand for a broader range of vehicles and parts.

To find out more about the Safari Tuff Heavy Duty Kits visit www.exedy.com.au/safari-tuff