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It doesn’t matter if your customer is an owner-driver or a large logistics company, vehicle downtime due to product failure can be costly. That’s why it’s important to specify quality components. Beware of cheap imitations as a low price can be indicative of short cuts in material and workmanship quality which can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

Australian Case Study - Clutch Disc Torsional Durability Test.

Have you ever experienced a successful clutch installation only to have the vehicle being towed back into your workshop a few months later? The cause of clutch failure can often be traced back to the material composition, lack of engineering know-how and poor-quality workmanship.

To illustrate the difference between EXEDY and other products being sold in the market, EXEDY tests their competitors' products periodically to see how they stack up. For example, in the case below, EXEDY conducted a clutch disc damper torsional durability test which revealed that the competitor's disc damper failed after 1.9 million cycles. Given that the standard for an EXEDY disc is 3 million cycles with no evident failure of the damper components, it is clear that the competitor's product does not offer the same level of quality and if installed into a vehicle, would have contributed to a premature clutch failure.

EXEDY Disc Ref HND058U – Application Hino GH Series.

090818 Test Report 2.jpg090818 Test Report.jpg
Broken torsional spring after 1.93 million cycles.

Failures due to poor quality can result not only in costly repairs but also loss of income due to time spent off the road.

“It’s what ‘s in the box that counts,” said EXEDY Product Manager, Mark Davis. “With EXEDY, you can be assured that the product you buy has been specifically designed, engineered and tested to suit your vehicle and that it has been manufactured using the highest quality materials.” As a long time, supplier of OEM clutch parts to numerous commercial vehicle manufacturers, the quality of the EXEDY product speaks for itself, delivering exceptional clutch cover diaphragm, and clutch disc damper durability for longer clutch life and improved driver safety.

Leading clutch manufacturer EXEDY stands behind the quality of their products, especially their reliability and durability in service. Their comprehensive range of Truck Tuff clutches cater for Japanese, American and European commercial vehicle clutch needs. EXEDY is Australia’s premier Japanese truck clutch supplier, providing the market with a wide range of kits to suit all commercial applications. Besides, EXEDY is the largest supplier of clutches fitted as Original Equipment in Japan, supplying the majority of truck clutches to the OEM.

“We have built our reputation on manufacturing a quality product and providing expert after-sales service,” said Mark. “It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a light, medium to heavy rigid, or a B-double, we’ve got the right clutch for the job.”

As the primary OEM clutch manufacturer for Isuzu, Hino, Mitsubishi Fuso and Nissan UD, EXEDY supplies clutch products for over 80% of the domestic Japanese commercial vehicle market. For this reason, EXEDY is the first choice when it comes to quality Japanese commercial clutch product.