Self-Adjusting Heavy Commercial Clutch.

The Illinois Auto Truck Co’s AutoSet Clutch® is the perfect solution to decrease clutch maintenance costs and maximise vehicle operation time. It’s part of EXEDY’s ever-expanding heavy commercial clutch range.

IATCO’s AutoSet Clutch® improves on all previous versions of self-adjusting Heavy Duty clutches. It compensates for wear by auto-adjusting to maintain the clutch pedal free play. The AutoSet Clutch® incorporates two shifting cams that sense the time to adjust and maintain proper clearance. The external indicator tab provides a visual inspection of the remaining available clutch life.

The AutoSet Clutch® sets itself upon installation and eliminates the need for manual adjustments through the life of the clutch. It’s the perfect alternative to reduce clutch maintenance expenses and maximise vehicle operation time. 

Dual Cam Springs
Two heavy-duty springs connect the adjusting cams to a balanced and robust actuation.


Over Adjustment Protection
Two internal straps connect the clutch cover to the adjusting ring. The internal straps hold the adjust¬ing ring and cams in place when shock to the truck occurs (dock collision or terrain impact).


Features of the AutoSet Clutch®
• 100% New Components.
• Made in USA.
• Maintains constant adjustment by main¬taining the correct distance between the release bearing and clutch brake.
• Minimises maintenance maximises vehicle operating time.
• Multiple application compatibility.
• Updated release bearing with three grease points, improved bearing cage seal and wide bearing pads.
• Wear indicator tab to determine clutch life.
• Torque range: 1450-2250 ft/lbs.
• Available in 10 and 14 spline.

AutoSet Clutch® is a registered trademark of Illinois Auto Truck.